Charlie Chan in Paris (1935)

Shall I get you a taxi, sir?
- No, thank you. Please send to Hotel Mazarin.
- Yes, sir.
- There.
- Thank you, sir.
Don't put that away.
Give me something please.
- I'm desperate.
- Begging's not permitted here. Get out.
Please. It is always good fortune
to give alms upon entering city.
- Thanks, brother.
- Come on. Move on. Get out.
All right.
All right.
Hello. Yes.
Oh, Mr. Chan.
Yes. Have only just arrived.
May see you please?
I'm leaving
for the show now.
I think I've really discovered something.
I have a record of all the-
No more talk now.
Will see you after show
at Le Singe Bleu. Thank you.
See you later.
Please. To this address.
- Are you all right, sir?
- Yes.
- Please drive to address given.
- Yes, sir.
Charlie Chan!
- Yes, please.
- Well, give me your hat and your coat.
Gee, it's great
to see you again.
- Much pleasure to see you.
- Go right on in.
- Here, sit down. Make yourself at home.
- Thank you so much.
Dad said in his letter
you were here for a holiday.
Yes, only business
in Paris is vacation.
Well, you deserve one after that job in London.
All the papers were full of it.
Papers exaggerate importance
of humble efforts.
I wired Dad I'd take good care of you.
We're gonna have a great time.
So kind.
But first one little item of business.
- Must open account at Lamartine Bank.
- Oh, that's easy.
I'll arrange an appointment for you
to meet the head of the bank himself.
- Paul Lamartine?
- None other. I work there, you know.
Dad's one of the directors, so it occurred
to him that I should go and do likewise.
- You are bank director?
- Oh, no. In 20 years maybe.
Dad had the old-fashioned idea that
I ought to start at the bottom and work up.
Yes, young bird
must learn to fly.
Every day from 9:00 till 5:00.
But after that, my time's my own.
And I'm going to spend it
getting you into mischief.
Mischief sounds nice.
Then you will arrange
interview... when?
- Tomorrow morning at 10:00.
- That is very good.
Oh, you're not going.
How about a little drink?
No, thank you.
Some other time.
Oh, wait a minute, Charlie.
Here are some friends of mine.
One of them is very important.
- Yes?
- I want you to meet her.
What is this?
What do you want?
Boo! We want a drink.
Don't we, old partner?
We certainly do.
- Hello, darling.
- I'll put you down right here.
May I introduce Mr. Chan?
Miss Lamartine.
- How do you do?
- Miss Jacquard.
- How do you do?
- And Mr. Max Corday.
- How do you do?
- Mr. Chan is from Honolulu-
an old friend of my father's
here on a vacation.
Me very happy know you.
Maybe you "likee havee"
little "dlinkee."
Very happy to make acquaintance
of charming gentleman.
Me no "likee dlinkee"now.
Oh, now I know I need a drink.
Help yourself.
There's a cold bottle right there.
- Good.
- Me "likee dlinkee" now.
All "light," Ming Toy.
Charlie, Yvette is
the important one.
- Much pleasure to meet.
- Thank you.
- Youth tonic for old blood.
- Why, you're not old at all.
Maybe not heart,
but joints sometime argue matter.
Charlie, we're engaged.
- Oh, that is good. May I congratulate?
- Thank you.
Company, forward march.
Company, halt. One, two.
In excitement of happy party,
will not forget appointment at bank?
Oh, Victor Descartes
never forgets. Do I, darling?
Leave it to Victor always
to get more business in the family bank.
- Why not?
- To Mr. Chan's holiday in Paris.
Thank you so much.
You will excuse, please? Must go now.
Ah, wait a minute. Oh, don't move, Mr. Chan.
Hold itjust a minute now.
- Oh, he's at it again.
- That's right, Mr. Chan. Hold it there.
A few swift bold strokes.
There you are.
A little souvenir
of your first night in Paris.
Most clever, excellent
likeness of rotund Chinese.
I may keep?
By all means. Why, someday
those little sketches of Max Corday...
may be priceless treasures.
- Uh-huh.
- Thank you so much.
Must not intrude any longer.
- Oh, come along, Charlie. Why not join us?
- Yes, do.
- We'd love to have you.
- Some other time, please.
Have heard so much about
thrilling dancer at Le Singe Bleu.
Have desire to see.
Great. I know.
If Mr. Chan won't join us, we'll join him.
- Good idea?
- Great idea!
Absolutely. Then, well,
here's to Le Singe Bleu.
Le Singe Bleu.
- This is it! Le Singe Bleu!
- Folks, here we are.
Humpty Dumpty, come on.
- Come on, Mr. Chan.
- Thank you so much.
Come on, darling.
Oh, here, here! Look out, you,
where you're going.
You think the sidewalk
belongs to you?
Aw, none of that now
or I'll call a policeman.
Wait just a minute,
old man. Here.
Here, old fella. Run along and buy yourself
a drink. And don't be so belligerent.
- We're not the enemy you know.
- Thank you.
What a horrible man!
Yes, most unfortunate.
Well, pardon
the interruption, folks.
Let's not have it spoil the fun.
Come on.
- Come on.
- Let's go inside.
He's at it again.
- All right?
- Very good.
- Do you like?
- Very nice.
And you- How do you like
my bold strokes, my darling?
Not too bold.
Oh, that was lovely.
Too bad you don't dance, Mr. Chan.
Mud turtle in pond more safe
than man on horseback.
And now, ladies and gentlemen,
we're going to have that little star...
whose interpretation
of the dance Apache...
I know will thrill you-
Mademoiselle Nardi.
What in the world could that be?
what was that?
- What's the matter?
- Please stand back. Take your seats.
Please! Please!
- Very important.
- Well, what's happened?
She's dying! Get a doctor!
Look... in...
Yes, yes?
Nardi. Nardi!
Am so sorry.
Don't ask any questions.
Open the door.
Yes, sir.
- That'll be all.
- Yes, sir.
Well, a pretty
swell apartment.
Look for all letters,
papers, photographs, address books.
I'll examine them
at my office.
Find anything?
The usual things...
and a recipe for apple pie.
Great work, Laverne.
Chinese incense burner.
Reminds me, my old friend
Charlie Chan's in town.
I wonder what
he's doing.
He solved the stable murder
mystery in London, didn't he?
Great work it was, too.
You'd better come along with me.
I'll leave Pierre to keep an eye out in the hall.
Thank you so much.
Come out, please.
Who are you?
Hello, Pop! What's the matter?
Did I scare you?
it's good to see you.
Heart most joyful
to welcome.
Honorable mother send me cable
from Honolulu...
saying big boss send you
to Europe on buying trip.
Did not expect to see
worthy offspring so soon.
- Business good?
- Fine.
I was in Rome when
I heard you were coming here.
So I finished my business
in a hurry and hopped a train.
- Now we can see Paris together.
- Yes, yes.
Most welcome.
you're looking great.
Most fortunate
to be looking at all.
What do you mean?
Attempt on life
in last hour...
indicate this humble person
unwelcome in gay city.
Say, I thought you were
here on a vacation.
Vacation only bluff. Am here on case
for London banking house.
Let me stay
and help you, Dad.
You here for good time.
Go find same.
Joy in heart
more desirable than bullet.
She was honorable
murdered tonight
before we could have talk.
That settles it, Dad. If somebody's
gunning for you, I'm staying here.
- No.
- Please.
Thank you so much.
But you must admit
there is foundation for my doubt...
that you came here
especially to see me.
I am not easily deceived,
you know.
You old darling, you know I can
twist you right around my finger.
Well, how much
is it today?
Oh, shall we be quite reasonable
and say, uh, a thousand francs?
just to be rid of you.
Receipt, please.
Well, hello, stranger.
Where have you been?
- How are you, Albert?
- Uh, this requires your signature.
- I'll look it over.
- I haven't seen you in ages.
- Won't you come in and visit me for a while?
- Yes, of course.
Now, young lady, I'm going to make you
give an account of yourself.
Sit down.
Thank you.
- You used to come in and see me quite often.
- That was a long time ago.
- I've missed you.
- Now, you're not going to start that again.
Please don't.
You know Victor and I are engaged.
Yes. Some fellows
have all the luck.
Have you, uh,
told him about us?
He knows we went around
quite a bit.
But does he know
about your letters?
Oh, you mean those foolish,
silly love letters.
Might not sound so foolish
and silly to Victor.
- You haven't kept them.
- I treasure them.
Albert, you shouldn't.
You must tear them up.
You've got to.
I've got a better idea.
I'll deliver them to you
in person some evening...
at my apartment.
I didn't think you could be
so contemptible.
Well, it was
just an idea.
- Wait here. Observe closely.
- Observe what?
Don't know. Good detective never ask
what and why until after he see.
Okay, Pop.
I mean, yes, sir.
- Oh, good morning, Miss Lamartine.
- Good morning, Mr. Chan.
- May I help you, sir?
- Yes, thank you.
Where can I find
Mr. Victor Descartes?
Right over there, sir.
Third window.
You young fool, the statement's wrong.
It's a swindle.
I always knew this place
was a nest of thieves.
- Well, if there's some mistake-
- I'll have every one of you in jail...
starting with
that swine Dufresne.
I tell you, I've been cheated.
I demand to see Dufresne.
If I can't see him,
I'll see Lamartine himself.
- What's the trouble here?
- Mr. Xavier is complaining that-
I tell you, I demand to see
the managing director.
I've been grossly swindled,
and it's an outrage.
- I want to see Dufresne.
- I am the office manager.
Oh, I don't want to do business
with small fry-
- That'll do.
- Take you hands off me!
Don't be rough with him.
Just put him outside.
You imbeciles!
I'll have the law on you for this.
You can't do this to me.
Why, I'm an old soldier of the Republic.
You've cheated me
and robbed me! Pigs!
- Get along or I'll call the police.
- You mean, I'll call the police.
I'll get justice.
Then I'll land you all in jail.
- Good morning.
- Oh, hello, Charlie.
- Mr. Latouche.
- Yes, what is it?
- This is Mr. Chan.
- Oh, Mr. Chan. Yes.
Mr. Descartes told me about
your appointment with Mr. Lamartine.
I am the office manager.
Will you come this way?
I must apologize
for such an unpleasant scene.
- Apology not necessary.
- Xavier, poor fellow-
He's hardly human, an unfortunate relic
of the war. Shell shock.
He has odd name.
Yes, yes. Xavier.
Marcel Xavier.
Of course, the bank, as a rule,
doesn't deal with such petty accounts as his...
but Mr. Lamartine's
sympathetic nature-
He's such
a fine man, sir.
Kindness in heart
better than gold in bank.
- Excuse me. Come in.
- Thank you.
Oh, Mr. Lamartine's in conference, sir,
with Mr. Dufresne.
That's quite
all right, Bedell.
After you, Mr. Chan.
Mr. Lamartine, this is Mr. Chan.
You had an appointment.
- How are you, sir?
- So glad to meet.
This is Mr. Dufresne,
Mr. Chan.
- How do you do?
- Much pleasure to meet.
Won't you sit down,
Mr. Chan?
Thank you so much.
Well, Mr. Chan,
what can I do for you?
You're here on a holiday,
I understand.
Uh, business too.
About, uh, bonds of this bank.
Our bonds are the best investment
in France today, eh, Dufresne?
None better. And now we have
a new issue of fours, Mr. Chan.
Pardon, please.
Uh, business about last bond issue.
Please forgive
deception about vacation.
- Uh, business very serious for you.
- What do you mean?
Clients in England
who buy many of these bonds...
send me here to investigate fraud
in your bank.
in my bank?
These will explain.
Note, numbers are same...
but printing not quite.
There must be
some mistake.
Hmm, the printing varies
It is a forgery.
Signature not forgery.
It is my signature.
How can such a thing
be possible?
Someone must have included these with
the real bonds at the time you signed them.
There are six pairs.
Each of a different thousand.
That means that this business
has run through the entire issue.
What are we going to do?
That is why I am here.
If this becomes known,
there will be a panic.
Thousands of people
will suffer.
Clients in London
of same opinion.
Secrecy most necessary.
Even police must not know.
What do you
want us to do, Mr. Chan?
First step, must have complete list
of all sales of this issue.
You shall have it
within 24 hours.
I'll make a checkup
of the other banks immediately.
Good. Meantime, am stopping
at Hotel Mazarin.
- Well, can I drop you off?
- No, thank you. Have car waiting.
I'll let you know
what I find.
Be assured, we'll help you to get
to the bottom of this, Mr. Chan.
Must turn up many stones
to find hiding place of snake.
- Good day.
- Good day.
- We must follow.
- Who? Him?
lmportant fox must not know
hounds pursue.
Charlie, my friend.
Well, how are you? How are you?
Now, what are you
up to in Paris?
- Up to holiday. See Paris, die happy.
- Good.
Well, it'll only take a moment to deposit my
monthly insult, and then we'll make a day of it.
We'll talk shop at the department,
have a good time...
and then tonight,
the best dinner in France.
- Excuse, please-
- Now, no excuses.
I'm a dangerous man to offend, and if you
don't come along, I shall be offended.
Only foolish man waste words
when argument is lost.
Excuse me.
Then we can take in Egypt and the pyramids
in the moonlight and all that.
And after Egypt, well...
if there's anyplace you'd like to go,
we might take that in too.
I suppose the bride-to-be has something
to say about our honeymoon trip.
Say, you act as though
you were in Egypt right now.
- You haven't heard a word I've said.
- Oh, of course I have.
You were
saying that, uh-
- Well, what were you saying?
- Is anything the matter?
- Oh, nothing, really.
- Have I said anything?
Oh, of course not.
I need some sleep, that's all.
We've been out late
every night this week.
Well, if that's all it is,
you can sleep late tomorrow.
- Come on. Let's go somewhere and dance.
- No. My mind's made up.
I'm going to get some sleep.
Tomorrow night then?
I suppose I could be persuaded.
I persuaded you to become
engaged to me, didn't I?
Of course I had nothing
to say about that.
Nothing at all,
except to say yes.
Home, James.
Oh, home it is then.
Oh, here we are.
I'll get my key.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Say it.
- I won't say it...
because you know
perfectly well that I love you.
Good night.
Number 8, Lafayette Place.
- Hello.
- Is that you, Dufresne?
- Oh, uh, hello.
- Did that money come in today?
Yes, uh, two million francs.
It's in my box at the bank.
Why didn't you meet me
as we planned?
With that Chinese
snooping around?
Are you certain that money's
in your box?
Of course I'm certain.
What are you driving at?
Then why are you taking
the midnight plane to Switzerland?
Why, uh, to head off Garon
before he tries to sell...
that last series of bonds
you printed, that's why.
We've got to be more careful
until this thing cools down.
I think you're
lying to me, Dufresne.
I'm not lying. I'm using my head.
Oh, uh, it's you.
Come in.
I had fallen asleep
while reading.
- I'm sorry I disturbed you.
- That's perfectly all right. I'm glad you came.
- Won't you sit down?
- No, thanks.
I've come for my letters.
May I have them?
Why, certainly. You didn't believe
I was really going to keep them.
- Well, what else was I to think?
- I'll prove that you're wrong.
Then you're really going
to give them back to me?
Of course. They're right here
in my desk waiting for you.
I'm not the big bad wolf
you thought I was.
There you are, my dear.
What was that noise?
I heard a pistol shot in there.
- Will you please go and get a policeman?
- Yes, sir.
- I'm pretty sure.
- What's the matter in here?
- I heard a pistol.
- I thought it was in the street.
I'm pretty sure it was in here.
Now get in here.
Keep moving.
Keep moving.
What's happened here?
It's murder.
- She killed him.
- I didn't kill him!
- Look, here's the gun.
- Don't touch that!
- Don't let her get away.
- I'm not trying to get away!
Police headquarters.
Then you have theory as to who kill Nardi?
During the last few weeks this girl has been
seen with some of the richest men in town.
Why, listen to these names-
Emanuel Castaneda
from the Argentine.
Paul Dorville, French financier.
Albert Dufresne, banker.
And a half a dozen others.
Men worth millions.
And one of these
do murder?
Oh, no, Charlie. No.
Here, let me show you.
A beautiful girl like Nardi
couldn't go around with the men she did...
without stepping on
some other woman's toes.
All right, somewhere, sometime
she aroused the jealousy...
of some discarded sweetheart
who determined to kill her.
A woman familiar
with Nardi's act.
A clever,
intelligent woman...
smart enough to conceal
and execute a fairly ingenious crime.
It's a perfect case.
- Hmm. Only one small detail missing.
- Yes, what's that?
Perfect case,
like perfect doughnut, has hole.
Oh, I see.
Same old pessimist, aren't you?
only sees doughnut.
Pessimist sees hole.
Yes, he's here.
Just a moment, please.
I beg your pardon,
- Police headquarters on the telephone for you.
- Oh, thank you, Pierre.
Excuse me, Charlie,
Thank you.
Renard speaking.
Yes, yes, of course.
I'll come myself at once.
Pierre, my check please.
- Yes, sir.
- Well, Charlie...
here's where I plug
the hole in your doughnut.
Not satisfied with killing the woman
who stole her sweetheart...
our murderess has now shot the man
who threw her over.
And this woman is?
Yvette Lamartine,
daughter of the banker.
- Must make correction, please.
- Well, go ahead.
Impossible Miss Lamartine
kill Nardi.
- Impossible? Why?
- Last night she with me when Nardi killed.
- With you?
- That is hole in first doughnut.
Oh, thank you.
All right, Charlie,
it was just a guess.
But there is no hole
in this one.
They have caught her...
practically red-handed.
- We go see?
- Right.
- You have all their names and addresses?
- Yes, sir.
You'll be called when your testimony
is required. No one is to leave the city.
You may go now.
So you continue to refuse to tell me the real
reason for your visit to this apartment?
I merely dropped in to say hello.
We were friends.
Friends? How long had you
known Mr. Dufresne?
Since he became my father's
assistant two years ago.
Oh, come now, Miss Lamartine.
Please, let's be reasonable.
You don't expect us to believe your fantastic
story of a mysterious, black-gloved hand...
- which you say threw a gun into this room.
- I told you the truth.
You were discovered with a gun in your hand
from which one shot had been fired.
You made a desperate effort to escape.
Aren't those the facts?
- Why, I was-
- Aren't those the facts?
- Yes.
- Good. Now we're getting somewhere.
How long had you been on intimate terms
with Albert Dufresne?
I'd rather not understand you.
How long have you been in the habit of
paying visits at this apartment at night alone?
- I refuse to answer such a question.
- Very well then.
Another little question-
Why did you kill Albert Dufresne?
I didn't kill him.
I told you what happened.
The shot was fired from in there,
and someone threw the gun into this room.
You came here tonight because
he was going away. He was tired of you.
- In a fit of jealousy, you shot him.
- It isn't true!
I didn't do it!
I didn't kill him!
- Ready, Gaston?
- Ready, sir.
Fingerprint her.
Have Marchand compare them.
Yes, sir.
Over here, please.
This way, please.
Place the three fingers
of the right hand on this pad.
Then press them
on this paper.
Come on.
Albert! Whoo-hoo!
Come on, honey.
It's all right.
- Say, what's going on around here?
- You'll be properly informed.
Now, look here.
I come to see my friend Albert...
and I find the place surrounded
by hundreds of policemen.
What is this?
We want to see Albert.
Albert Dufresne is dead.
Did I...
understand you to say...
has been murdered?
Yes. You say you are
a friend of his.
A very good friend.
Laverne, take down
this gentleman's answers to my questions.
That's all, thank you.
You have good reason for coming here?
I didn't kill him, Mr. Chan. I didn't.
Very easy to believe you.
But facts
now very necessary.
You are engaged to
very nice young man.
You must have had reason
for presence here.
Why, l-
Desire to help if can.
will you take these
for me?
- Shall I destroy?
- Please. Please.
Answer no more questions.
Silence big sister
to wisdom.
See who that is.
- Why, is something wrong?
- Step inside, please.
You may go now.
I beg your pardon...
but this murder has been
a great shock to me.
- Not Mr. Dufresne.
- Come in, please.
I'll answer
all your questions.
Good evening, Mr. Chan.
- When did it happen? Who did it?
- Just who are you?
I'm Henri Latouche of the Lamartine Bank,
Mr. Dufresne's close associate.
I came in to see him on a matter
of importance connected with-
Sit down, please.
I'll question you later.
- All through, Gaston?
- All through, sir.
- Well?
- The fingerprints on the gun are hers, all right.
There's a small scar on her right thumb
which makes identification easy.
Good. All right, that's all.
Take her away.
Miss Lamartine-
Well, Charlie?
You believe
young lady guilty?
Don't you?
Hasty conclusion like gunpowder-
easy to explode.
Oh. All right, Charlie. Let's have it.
What have you found?
Answer in there.
But I've already
inspected this room.
And I looked out here too.
- Find nothing?
- Not a thing.
No burnt match,
no monogrammed cigarette stub...
not even threads
torn from a tweed suit.
Uh, flowers maybe
say something.
What do you mean?
Well, by George,
look at that.
That stem must have been broken
during the last hour.
Why, the flower's
not even wilted.
It looks as if someone may have
come up here by this balcony.
That is hole
in second doughnut.
Comfort of bed
now most desirable.
I see.
You can't take it, Charlie, can you?
Charlie Chan very sleepy.
This is terrible,
Mr. Chan, terrible.
Isn't there something
that I can do?
Just take it easy, old man.
I'll be with you in just a moment.
It's an open-and-shut case.
In spite of your doughnuts, that young lady
is going to find it very difficult...
to explain her fingerprints
on that gun.
Very difficult to explain hole in doughnut,
but hole always there.
We'll see about that.
I know you did not
kill anybody.
I'm sorry, Pop. But I got a lot to tell you.
I made notes.
- Tell me on way.
- Okay, Pop.
- Say, Pop, l-
- Wait, please. You watch here all evening?
- Sure. And I saw-
- Please.
Perhaps you see man on crutches come out.
Maybe after you hear gunshot?
Yeah. The same guy I saw at the bank
this morning. How'd you know?
- You follow?
- I'll say I did.
He got into an old taxi and I trailed it.
I never let it out of my sight.
He stopped about
five miles from here...
a limousine pulled up alongside
and he got into it.
- Can you beat that?
- What happened next?
I stepped on the gas and got close
enough to spot the car's number.
But it was a high-powered baby
and it got away from me.
Mmm. Eyes of kitten open
only after nine days.
Wait a minute!
That isn't all.
When I came back to Dufresne's apartment,
I saw the same limousine.
I checked the license plate.
Some guy came out with a girl,
they got into it and drove away.
- Man have walking stick?
- Yes.
Girl have small,
round hat?
- That's them. Do you know 'em?
- Man is artist.
He draws
very funny pictures.
Why, hello, Mr. Chan.
Come in. Glad to see you.
- Here. Let me have your hat.
- Thank you so much.
Well, this is
a surprise.
This time I'm not going to ask you to have
a "dlinkie," but I want you to have a drink.
- Much pleasure.
- Sit down, please.
Thank you so much.
You know, Mr. Chan,
I'm all broken up about this thing.
Albert Dufresne
was one of my closest friends.
Can you imagine Yvette Lamartine
doing a thing like that?
Excuse, please.
Miss Lamartine
did not kill.
Guilty man is crippled soldier
named Marcel Xavier.
Maybe you can
give me information.
Why, gladly, of course, if I can.
But, uh, why me?
Tonight, after murder...
Xavier come from Dufresne apartment,
depart in taxicab...
and later
get into your car.
My car?
You mean to say that
this man used my car? For what?
Maybe to take off disguise.
I don't understand.
Oh, I see.
This Xavier character
is only a disguise for the murderer.
He commits his crime...
escapes in a taxi...
uses somebody's car in which
to take off his makeup...
and then steps out in his true character
with no one the wiser.
That's not a bad idea!
- Very clever idea.
- Yes.
Oh, say. You didn't come up here
thinking I might be Xavier.
Like all detectives,
must consider every possibility.
Well, it's a lucky thing for me...
that Xavier bumped into me last night
in front of that caf.
- You remember.
- Oh, yes, yes. Yes.
- Please forgive stupid error.
- Why, certainly, Mr. Chan.
- All's forgiven.
- I must go now. So sorry to disturb.
I'm sorry I couldn't have been
any more help to you.
On contrary.
Have been most helpful.
Oh, your hat.
- Thank you so much. Good night.
- Good night.
- Wait a minute.
- What's the idea?
You are leaving
on long journey?
- Why, I, uh-
- Inside, please.
Little keyhole big friend
to stupid detective.
Have you found
something, Dad?
Broken bank seal
found at Dufresne apartment...
matches perfectly
with this broken seal.
That man is murderer.
This washes the case up,
doesn't it, Dad?
- He killed Dufresne and the dancer Nardi.
- No.
Night Nardi killed,
this man with me.
Must find murderer
of Nardi.
series "M."
- C-1-9-3-3-7, series "M."
- Right.
series "L."
- D-3-1-2-8-6, series "L."
- Right.
I had to break a date
with Lucille tonight, darn the luck.
- Wonder what the idea of the bond checkup is.
- I don't know.
Old Lamartine's been buzzing about all day
like a fly with one wing.
But it's impossible, Mr. Chan.
I have no authority to give you
Mr. Xavier's address.
Assure you,
matter most important.
No, I can't, and I won't.
That's final, Mr. Chan.
What is so final, Bedell?
Perhaps I can be of service.
Most humble apologies,
make so much trouble.
But desire to know
where can find Marcel Xavier.
May I ask why,
Mr. Chan?
This morning I hear him make threat
against man now dead.
So he did.
So he did.
Get Xavier's card
at once.
Of course you're
going to arrest him.
Canary bird out of cage
may fly far.
Ah, poor Dufresne.
What a tragedy.
To be shot down
in the very prime oflife.
He was a splendid man,
Mr. Chan.
A splendid man.
Ah, here we are.
Marcel Xavier.
Rue de Pont
number 17.
Rather a nasty neighborhood,
Mr. Chan.
Been looking all over for you.
We've got to help Yvette.
Isn't there something you can do?
I don't believe she killed him.
Even if she was in his apartment, she must
have had good reason for being there.
Faith is best foundation
for happy future.
Then you don't think
she did it either?
Can assure you
young lady is innocent.
I knew it! Oh, she couldn't
have done it, Charlie.
But innocence must be proven.
You would like to help?
Would I?
I-I-I'd do anything.
- I'd tear up the stones in the street.
- Not necessary.
You can please help me
to this address?
"Rue de Pont 17."
Come on, Charlie. Let's go.
That phone's been ringing for 10 minutes.
It's getting on my nerves!
Don't open your mouth.
- Is that you, Corday?
- Yes.
That meddling Chinese is on his way
to Xavier's. I'll meet you there.
All right.
Who was that?
Where's my father going?
Where is Xavier's?
Try and find out.
You go back to car
and wait.
If you're going down there,
I'm going with you.
- Take that.
- What about you?
Always carry spare
in case of blowout.
Hold this.
What are you gonna do?
Cannot see contents of nut
until shell is cracked.
Close door,
Do not touch.
Please light candle.
Why, there aren't
any on it.
Man cannot drink from glass
without touching.
Xavier was all shot up during the war.
Maybe he has to wear gloves.
You have seen him at bank
perhaps many times.
He wear gloves?
l- I don't remember.
Have seen Xavier at airport
upon arrival in city...
on street
night Nardi killed...
and in bank-
no gloves.
You've certainly
got an eye for detail.
Grain of sand in eye
may hide mountain.
Strange for man to...
wear gloves inside...
and outside
with bare hands.
Say, that is odd.
Blow out candle.
Only bullfrog.
Creepy place,
isn't it?
Many strange crimes...
in the sewers of Paris.
Lamartine bonds!
Very clever forgeries.
- Forgeries?
- Yes.
And here are tools
for engraving.
And printing machine.
So that's why we were checking out
that series of bonds in the bank today.
Did you find something,
List of bond forgeries.
Why-Why, that's the sketch
Max made last night at the caf.
Charlie, do you think-
- Did you hear that?
- Turn out the lights.
Drop that gun.
Don't move.
- Are you all right, Charlie?
- Yes. Thank you so much.
most excellent.
But made mistake of shooting at flashlight
on end of moving broomstick.
You meddling devil!
Honorable ancestors
refute suggested kinship.
Hands down, please.
Someone's coming.
Over here. Get down.
Close behind me, men.
He may be in here. We'll rush him.
- Well! Charlie!
- Dad! I'm glad you're all right.
We seem to have arrived
ahead of Mr. Xavier.
When Xavier phoned Corday, I knew you were
on the spot. I got hold of Mr. Renard.
Yes, he told me all about it. We'll take care
of this Xavier when he shows up.
You two men stay here.
- Go upstairs, tell the sergeant.
- Wait, please.
Uh, not necessary.
- What's that?
- I show you.
Stand up!
You got him, didn't you, Pop?
That's Marcel Xavier!
Correction, please.
There is no Marcel Xavier.
No Xavier?
Then who the devil is he?
to remove gloves.
Note- hands
not those of beggar.
what's all this about?
Answer concealed,
behind false face!
Why, Mr. Latouche!
All right, Charlie.
I'm waiting for the answer.
Bond forgery plot conceived
by very clever criminals-
and Latouche.
Between them, they create
fictitious character Marcel Xavier.
When Latouche is Xavier,
Corday is Corday.
When Corday is Xavier,
Latouche is Latouche.
I begin to see.
System gives both men
perfect alibi.
Well, by George,
that is clever.
- How did you guess it?
- Correction, please. Did not guess.
Gentleman who give me
Xavier's address...
make mistake of leaving
same handwriting down here...
on list of bond numbers.
- See?
- Hmm.
Also, gentlemen overplay hand
in acting part of Xavier for me.
Both know I go to caf.
Latouche appear as Xavier...
and Corday give him money.
Inside of caf,
Corday watch me...
while Latouche
kill my assistant.
- Assistant?
- Yes. The dancer, Nardi.
Next morning,
Corday know I go to bank.
He appear as Xavier
and play scene with Latouche.
- But what about Dufresne?
- Dufresne was accomplice in bank...
who tried to cheat
Latouche and Corday.
when Dufresne planned
to leave city with money received...
from bond forgeries...
Corday arrive in apartment
as Xavier, kill him...
and later
take off disguise in car.
Well, good work, Charlie.
- All right, Laverne, take him away.
- Come on.
- May- May see you, please?
- Why, certainly.
Must trouble you to release
other assistant from prison.
- Other assistant?
- Yes.
Miss Lamartine.
You see, she in Dufresne apartment
to get information.
Very important letters...
for me.
But I don't see-
So the age of chivalry
isn't dead after all.
Thank you so much.
Come along, Charlie.
You tell me all about it over a cup of coffee.
- And, uh, doughnuts?
- Yes!